The birdlife at Wombolly is profuse. I've already photographed over 70 different species of birds and some have yet to be caught on camera. So often there's an orchestra of bird calls and twittering sounding around the valley. Many birds seem to spend most of their time here, while others pop in to the bird baths, have a drink and maybe a splash around, and then go on their way, not to be seen until the next dry spell. Some winter here, while others come back each Spring.  

Click on the images or links below to go to a gallery of selected photos for each bird species I've managed to take at Wombolly and occasionally on other properties nearby in our little valley.

► Australian Black-backed Magpie    ▶︎ Australian Brush Turkey   ►Australian Wood Duck   ►Azure Kingfisher   ►Bar-shouldered Dove   ►Bassian Thrush   ►Bell Miner   ►Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike   ►Black-faced Monarch   ►Brown Cuckoo Dove   ►Brown Goshawk   ►Brown Thornbill   ►Channel-billed Cuckoo   ►Common Bronzewing   ►Crested Pigeon   ►Crested Shrike-tit   ►Crimson Rosella   ►Dusky Moorhen   ►Eastern Rosella   ►Eastern Spinebill   ►Eastern Whipbird   ►Eastern Yellow Robin   ►Fantailed Cuckoo   ►Gang-gang Cockatoo   ►Golden Whistler   ►Great Cormorant   ►Green Catbird   ►Grey Fantail   ► Grey Goshawk  ►Grey Shrike-thrush   ►King Parrot   ►Kookaburra   ►Latham's Snipe   ►Leaden Flycatcher   ►Lewin's Honeyeater   ►Little Eagle   ►Little Pied Cormorant   ►Masked Lapwing   ►Noisy Friarbird   ►Olive-backed Oriole   ►Pacific Black Duck   ► Pied Butcherbird    ▶︎Pied Currawong   ►Purple Swamphen   ►Rainbow Bee-eater   ►Red-browed Finch   ►Red-browed Treecreeper   ►Rufous Fantail   ►Rufous Whistler   ►Sacred Kingfisher   ►Satin Bowerbird   ►Scarlet Honeyeater   ►Silvereye   ►Spotted Pardalote   ►Straw-necked Ibis   ►Sulphur-crested Cockatoo   ►Superb Fairy-wren   ►Superb Lyrebird   ►Tawny Frogmouth   ►Variegated Fairy-wren   ►Wedge-tailed Eagle   ►Welcome Swallow   ►White-browed Scrubwren   ►White-cheeked Honeyeater  ►Western Gerygone  ►White-faced Heron   ►White-headed Pigeon   ►White-naped Honeyeater   ►White-necked Heron   ►White-throated Treecreeper   ►White-winged Chough   ►Willie Wagtail   ►Yellow-faced Honeyeater   ►Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo   ►Wonga Pigeon   ►Yellow-tufted Honeyeater   ►Yellow-throated Scrubwren

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