Welcome Swallow Gallery

Hirundo neoxena
These pretty little swallows arrive each Spring, swooping and diving around the house looking for a place to nest.   A pair has decided that the top of the light fitting on the balcony is a good spot for their nest, and each year they reurn and take up residence.   Originally, it  took them many weeks of carting mud and straw but finally the nest was finished.  Four healthy chicks was the result of all their first efforts.   All survived with some tireless feeding by mum and dad, and then, after a few family flying lessons, they were up and away!  Each year the number of chicks is about the same.   Only thing left after they've gone is to clean up the carpet of bird droppings left behind on the balcony.  Worth it though!  Click on images to enlarge.

Welcome Swallows at Wombolly

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