Wombolly Messages
  • Your site and photos - wonderful.  Thanks for the huge effort it must have been.  We live on the Hills Face Zone in Adelaide and it's dry and exposed, so it's lovely to see such verdant rich woodland and the birds are brilliant.  We are birdwatchers and keep a record of the birds on our 11 acre property.  We think that we are blessed to live in the bush - our challenges relate to TOO many koalas eating our trees and the feral olives that have infested the hillsides.  Thanks again.  
    Anne, Adelaide, SA
  • How lucky you are to have such company in your backyard, they must feel very safe to allow you to photograph them.  Incredible pictures, they are just lovely!  And so close to Sydney!  Makes us remember & appreciate the Aussie bush!  Thank you for sharing them!
    Debbie, Dapto NSW
  • Your property is amazing, and so many birds! Awesome photography.  
    Airynaa, Wollongong NSW
  • You really do live in the most incredible natural park! It looks to me like the animals just put up with you . . . . Awesome.  
    Bill, USA

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