Superb Lyrebird Gallery

Menura novaehollandiae
How lucky we are to have a number of families of these amazing birds resident at and around Wombolly.  Sure you have to put up with them scratching their way through the garden with their very strong feet. But their very powerful calls echoing through the valley, imitating the sounds of all the birds found around here, together with the males' fabulous mating displays, mean all is forgiven.  Click on images below to enlarge.

Superb Lyrebird at Wombolly

See and listen to the amazing mimicking abilities of this fabulous bird! The  short video below, shot at Wombolly, is just part of a courting display that lasted for over 15 minutes.  If you watch carefully at about the 22 second mark, you will notice that a female is attracted to the dancing bird's specially prepared space, but leaves quickly.  Then commences a long repertoire of local bird calls. 

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