Tributes to Elsje Maria Whealing

A Celebration of the Life of Elsje Whealing
held on Friday 16 September, 2011
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Welcome and Introduction
Rob Boorman (MC, Geoff's brother)

Marianne Rowley (Elsje's Sister)
Jon Pillekers (Elsje's Brother)
Henk Pillekers (Elsje's Brother)
Judith Miller (Elsje's School and Lifelong Friend from Geelong)
Cathryn Clift (Elsje's School and Lifelong Friend from Geelong)
Ross Whealing (Elsje's Husband)
Sonja Ridden (Elsje ex-neighbour and Friend)
Louella Woodham & Airynaa Tannberg (Elsje's Friends, Fellow Arists)
Bonnie Mulder (Elsje's Will O Wyn Neighbour and Friend)
Rob Boorman (Geoff's Brother)
Geoff Boorman (Elsje's Partner)

Photographic Memories


Tributes and Messages
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