Latest at Wombolly Gallery

Here are some of the latest images taken at Wombolly.  Some have also been placed in the various Galleries - others will be there shortly. Enjoy!  Click on images to enlarge.

Latest at Wombolly

September 2021 - Spring has Sprung!

Flowers are bursting into bloom and birds are everywhere!

March 2021 - Rain, rain and more rain!

Droughts, fires, floods, Covid and more floods.  Wonder what's next?

The Brook flooded but made for some great photos. Enjoy!

February 2021 - Cicadas have come and gone - thankfully!

This summer the Cicadas came up out of the ground (no doubt helped by the rain making the ground softer) and were in the trees in their thousands.  At times their noise was almost deafening.  See more on the expanded "Insects" page.

 February 2021 - Platypus seen again in the Brook at Wombolly

It was great to once again see (and photograph) a platypus arising out of a stream of bubbles in one of the deep pools in the Brook.  Nice to know that they've survived the droughts and floods since they were last seen.  See more . . . .

October 2020 - Laced Monitor devouring a Brown Cuckoo-Dove

Recently, one of the resident Brown Cuckoo-Doves was being chased by a likely suitor, did a sharp right and smacked into a window and sadly did not survive the ordeal.

The dead bird was placed down by the back gate ready to be given a decent burial.  That was until a little later, when a rustle in the grass at the back of the house heralded the arrival of one of our local Laced Monitors (one of the smaller ones).  With tongue flicking from side to side it quickly located the now slightly smelly dead bird and the photos below tell the rest of the story.   More monitors . . .

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